You Dont Really want to mess with me tonight. 12-31-06 15:31
Hope Everyone Has a AWESOME New years!!

Tomorrows my Birthday.I'm Excited. Woo Hoo!

GoodBye 2006.

Uhm Hellooo 2007!
Welcome to the Real World she said to me... 12-27-06 12:21
Anyone want to Get me John Mayer Tickets for my Birthday??..yeah i didnt think so.. That'd probably be *THE* best Present Ever.I'm excited for upcoming events. My Birthday.Birthday Party.New years, All happening in One day.
I'm pretty sure thats about as Badass as anything.

I hope everything works out for my party.If a certain someone isnt allowed to come i will be very sad..

12-25-06 07:09
Merry Christmas Everyone!
What Hurts the Most. 08-31-06 20:31

Its been a While since i've used this Mo fo.

Not much going on i guess.

Oh wait yeah there is.
I cant believe you lied to me.When i told you that all you did was lie to me, what happened oh yeah you got mad cause you said you never did lie to me.

I think everything you ever said to me was a lie.EVERYTHING.I told you i hated liars.I cant believe that i let you do this to me.I've seen it happen to so many people and I swore i'd never let someone play me like that.
I was Wrong.You were the Puppet master and had Total Control of my strings.Now guess what, they are tangled and Tied in a knot.Thanks alot.
In the Begining i asked you if you had a Girlfriend, Why is it So hard to say Yes i do?! If you would have said that From the Start instead of messing with me and telling me you Liked me and then takin it back but then still acting like you did, I wouldnt care as much. I guess i shoulda got the Hint when the Phone calls stopped eh?.. After everything i still want to be your friend,Is that Really too much to ask.Considering everything you've done I should hate you.But i cant and I never will.You say you want to be friends.HOW COME YOU WONT TALK TO ME?! That is what really pisses me off.I hate it when people ignore me,And i hate it even more when they DONT have a Reason too. Gaaaah. I hate myself Right now.Because it shouldnt matter.I dont know why it does.Anyone else.I'd be like meh Oh why isnt it like that? Why? I could ask you that A million Times right now. Why? Why? Why? But i mean you wont talk to me so its not like i could really ask you any of what i want to.

Why Me? of all people.

I wish you'd Call One last time and that we could actually Talk.I mean really have a Conversation and i could talk about any of what i want to know.But no.That will not happen because you hate me.I dont care what you tell people,you hate me.

Lyrics time.I'm emo-y lame right now..
"There are days every now and again I pretend Iím ok
But thatís not what gets me

What hurts the most
Was being so close
And having so much to say
And watching you walk away
And never knowing
What could have been
And not seeing that loving you Is what I was tryiní to do"

Well Life will move on.

This is my United State Of Whatever 04-19-06 17:05
Youre an Asshole.

I was joking with you and you are just to Lame to realize that.

Oh well.Kelli facker. You'll get over it.
I keep my eyes wide open all the time 03-06-06 20:05
I frrreakin love Walk the Line.Gosh. haha.Okay moment of lameness over. Wait i lied.I downloaded a bunch of the songs from the movie, til i go buy the soundtrack. ahaha.Okay now its over.haha

grr.I really really really Hate Kristen Summerfelt.Shes a bitch. I hope no one that likes her reads this.Cause then they'll tell her and i'll get to punch her in the face for being a bitch.YESSS.. haha okay I'm done.
Hah 01-25-06 21:23
Hah.I'm so over it.Why can you just move on and Stop being Immature. I dont even care anymore. you're obviously not Worth it.
Drama 01-16-06 17:12
"I'm so fake" so everybody better not talk to me.Cause i just like to "act cool for my Senior Friends, who dont care about me"

What do you do when your best friend isnt talkin to you? And keeps posting pictures and saying How much fun they are having without you.

All because of a misunderstanding and an opinion.

::shakes head:: I hate girls.So much. gah!
Yeeeeah 01-01-06 00:12
Its My birthday.

16 Wh0ot Who0t!.

Happy New Year Folks!
yeah 12-25-05 08:31
Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah,Happy Kwanzaa.
Whatever you celebrate.
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